Who, What, How


This is who we are:

Randolph Sterling is a major sales group that has worked with hundreds of people who are responsible for their company’s growth to help them increase their company’s bottom line.

This is what we do:

We work with corporations to target specific areas of improvement which will drive sales and increase profitability. 

This is how we do it:

Different companies and individuals have different styles for how they grow business, but every sale needs to have four basic elements: a decision maker, a need, a budget, and an implementation timeframe. These elements may be determined differently for each individual within a company, so we tailor our approach to best fit the needs of the individual we work with.

Sometimes business owners and account executives just don’t have the time necessary to go out and find new business. We will perform outsourced selling solutions including calling to follow up with current clients or to schedule appointments with prospects, conducting initial meetings, even handle the entire sales process for you as part of an integrated marketing plan!

For companies who don’t have their own sales manager or have one who manages several account reps and is pulled in many different directions, we offer a virtual sales manager service and Sales and Marketing Peer Advisory Groups (SAM). Here we will do everything from conducting meetings with business developers (face to face, over the phone, or via email) to discuss their action steps toward business development, to going out on sales calls with the business developer, or work with them behind the scenes to role play calls, research ideal target companies, practice handling objections, or try out different closing techniques.

We will lead your weekly sales meeting, or speak as part of the meeting to cover topics of interest to the entire group.

We will set up prospect lists, research companies, administer sales aptitude assessments to current employees or new hires, implement incentive programs, train new employees, even assist in marketing.
We offer a sales growth audit and autopsy service where we contact your prospects to find out why they went with the competition instead of with you, then use that information to work with you to learn from that experience and make sure they go with you the next time.

Randolph Sterling, Inc.  Your success is our business.

1303 S. Robert Drive Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
(847) 593-5020     info@randolphsterling.com


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