It’s Getting to Be Budget Time

The leaves are starting to turn colors and my morning runs that over the summer were done in sunshine are now at the same time done in darkness. It must be October. Autumn is upon us, and that usually means two things—salespeople trying to reach their annual quota and clients starting to work on next year’s budget.

For too many short sighted salespeople these two things seem to be working in opposition. They want to sell more in hopes of making their quota, but find themselves blocked by decision makers who seem to be not concerned about today, but are looking to the next year and what they want to get accomplished. Salespeople who don’t see the opportunity in this often are also the ones who, a month from now, will start to say that “nobody is buying anything” and will start doing their Christmas shopping instead of going to see clients. The professional salesperson, on the other hand, does see the opportunity and, not only has a strong end to the year, but also starts off the new year strong  (For more information on this, see my article “Selling in November and December…The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”).

Yes, you will find in certain situations that decision makers are more difficult to reach this time of year as they are busy planning budgets. If you position yourself as the person who can help them plan the budget, rather than react to their completed budget months later, you will not only become a valued resource in your ability to do some of the “dirty work” when it comes to budgeting, but you will also more likely be the person they call when it is time to start spending some of that money.

I have a client who is a plumbing contractor. Part of our job is to find out what types of corporate remodeling jobs will be coming up in 2011, and position them as the people best suited to assist in the ones in which they are experts. It is amazing that not only do we get a good reaction from people who we ask to come in and do a site survey for, so we can recommend materials and ideas for the remodel, but we also sometimes find a decision maker who will decide to do one more project this year in hopes of spending all of his allocated budget for this year so he gets even more money next year.

How many of those projects are your clients doing? How many are dong them with you, their trusted resource? Finish this year strong and start 2011 ahead of the pack. Be a trusted resource to your clients and help them, stop selling them!


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