A New Season Is Almost Upon Us

A new season is almost upon us: the heat of summer fades into the glory of fall, baseball yields to the dominance of football, and for me personally- new and exciting opportunities are on the horizon! Perhaps this can be a time of change for you, too.

All too often in sales, orany job for that matter, we are easily consumed by the routine and mundane. Not only does this stifle creativity, but productivity as well. Wondering how to inspire, innovate, and motivate yourself?  Start with a new perspective and begin a new season!

Here are three ways to weather these times with thoughtful initiatives:

  1. Get out of the box (or cube) and talk with others! Identify people who have found success – learn from them and adapt their principles. Consider joining Randolph Sterling’s Sales and Marketing Peer group (SAM group) – where top sales people discuss ways to push the bar! It can help you set and reach the goals that seem so elusive.
  2. Try something new! If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got- or so the saying goes. Join a new club, group, or even a new work out routine. A fresh perspective can change what and how you think!
  3. Use your media! Connect with others through new media. Tap into these venues to make new contacts and connections. Reaching out to others will give you a new perspective-helping you to define the process for change.

A new season is indeed upon us- take this time to evaluate your personal goals, employ the change initiatives, and find new growth. You may just find that your new perspective will lend itself to inspiration, innovation, and motivation.


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