Case Study: Working with Associations, a Two-Sided Benefit

As part of our sales management solutions, we are often asked to go to other areas of the country to work with some of our clients’ outside salespeople. In our downtime, we have two options…sit in the hotel room and watch old movies or get out and meet new companies to work with.

One of the best ways we found to do this was to join a local association, a move we found provides us with multiple benefits when and where we do.

For example, one time we were approached by a trade association to join as a member. We were not necessarily in that industry, but we did serve that industry. In fact, we had several clients in that particular trade, so the opportunity to join made sense: it would give us additional credibility to be networking with more of the people we had been doing business with…and wanted to do business with.

As we got involved with the association, we found out that while they had been successful and had rolled out various benefits for their members, membership was down over the past 18-24 months.

In a move that both parties found beneficial, we agreed for Randolph Sterling, Inc. to offer some additional benefits to that association’s members. These included a one three month membership to our Sales and Marketing (SAM) Peer Advisory Group for each member of the association, as well as a 10% discount on our Growth Audit and Autopsy Service.

The association, in turn, not only recommended us to all of their members who had expressed a need for sales assistance, but asked us to assist them in reaching out to additional prospects for them to help with their membership growth.

In the first month of working with them and their members, we found the following:

  1. 10% of the prospects we spoke to truly did not know what this association did or how it could help them
  2. 14 of the prospects decided to join the association
  3. 35% of the membership had been placed in SAM Groups. 90% of those signed up for a full year after the first meeting
  4. 3 of the members contracted us to assist in managing their manufacturers’ reps
  5. 5 of the companies contracted us to assist in providing our inside sales team to develop new relationships
  6. Member retention was at 100% for the first month in the last 18 months.



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