Ready to Launch

Earlier this year, we unveiled our new logos and last week we revealed our new website. Getting a new website has been something we had been intending to do for awhile, but between opening up our second office, getting our SAM groups off the ground, initiating our social media efforts, setting up our new trade show services, and doing an endless list of other things, it was something that was unfortunately put aside on more than one occasion. Our previous website was one we set up ourselves a number of years ago at a time when just having a website put a small to mid-sized business ahead of the game. However, over the years, it became outdated and neglected, and did not represent the true quality of the services we offer. Today that changes as we launch our new website, which we are certain will only continue to improve. Over time, we intend to use it to host our blog, discussion boards for SAM members, videos, and much more. We hope you enjoy it, and visit us again soon!

[As of 02/05/2011 our website is undergoing some maintenance. Please bear with us in the mean time. We will inform all of our loyal readers when it is up again. Thank you!]


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