The weather is heating up, and so are the sales!

Summer is finally here so I can finally put my snow shovel away! As the temperature starts to rise, so have the sales numbers of our clients. Many initially approached 2010 with caution, since they did not know if we were in a real recovery or if people were just starting to buy again to make up for everything they didn’t buy last year. Now that we are almost halfway through the year, we can say, at least from where we are sitting, that the recovery is real.

We have clients in many different industries, and across the board we have seen the same thing: the ones who value their relationships and take the time to build strong clients are succeeding!

This month, in an effort to further help our clients, we have rolled out a new service…our trade show preparation and follow up services. This is a quick and easy way for clients to allow us to start helping them as we focus on one of the areas that is most overlooked—following up on leads from trade shows and networking events. It is not that reps do not intend to follow up on these leads, but when they get back from the show or event, they usually have current clients to follow up with, and handle that first, letting those leads from the trade show go stale. Our new service will qualify those leads in a timely manner and start to develop those relationships before your competition does. Call us today to find out more about it (847-305-3710  or 919-439-338) or check out our recent article on this great new service.


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