Due to Popular Demand…a New Service from Randolph Sterling Inc.

Sales is about one thing…relationships.

How can you build a relationship with a prospect that you don’t talk to? For over 7 years, we at Randolph Sterling Inc. have talked about the value of relationships, about how you need to integrate emails, social media, phone conversations, and meetings to learn more about your prospects so you can better help them. Sometimes, however, you just don’t have the time necessary to reach out to all of the people you need to. You get busy with your current clients and don’t follow up on that referral a colleague gave you, or the business cards you collected at the trade show. Now we have made it even easier for Randolph Sterling, Inc. to help you.

For years we have provided our inside sales services to growing companies whose account executives were spending more time building their current clients than looking for new ones. Let’s face it, there comes a certain point in every salesperson’s career where they think they don’t have to “cold call” anymore. We have helped many companies over the years by becoming their inside sales team, for anywhere from 5 to 40+ hours a week, developing those new relationships and not only turning over “warm” prospects to our clients, but also evaluating who they probably DO NOT want to work with.

But what about the company who just needs to get caught up and may not need a long term solution?

We have had several companies tell us lately that, while their sales team is handling following up on leads, sometimes they fall a little behind. This often happens with companies who go to trade shows. When the sales reps come back, they have to catch up with current client issues they missed while out of the office, while the leads they just picked up at the show collect dust, and the relationships they started begin to fade.

We have come up with the solution for this problem.

Randolph Sterling Inc. has rolled out three new services to assist clients in the short term:

  1. Pre-Trade Show Sales: How often have you gone to a trade show, taken a few minutes to walk the floor while on a break from working your own booth, and noticed that one of your best prospects is also exhibiting? You’d love to talk to them, but now their booth is busy and you will not get the face time you need.Randolph Sterling, Inc. will contact the show attendees and exhibitors that you would like to meet with and speak to them about setting up an appointment to meet with you, either for breakfast before the show opens, during a lunch break, or drinks or dinner after the show closes for the day. Our clients may only have a few people that they want to talk to so we are offering this service on a “per call” basis. Instead of purchasing a block of calling time as in our longer term sales solutions, you can just buy what you need on a project by project basis.
  2. Post-Show Follow Up: It has been documented that 80%-90% of all trade show leads do not get followed up on. Randolph Sterling’s professional inside sales team will do the follow up for you and call the people who stopped at your booth and the business cards you collected the week after you return from the show, keeping those relationships fresh and allowing your sales team to build on them. Maybe we are just thanking them for stopping by (and then evaluating their interest). Maybe we are scheduling a follow up meeting or phone call. Regardless, we are continuing the relationship that started at the show, increasing the return on investment for attending the show and separating you from the competition who is not following up! This service is also sold on a per call basis, making it easier for you to stay current on your trade show leads.
  3. Trade Show Booth Sales Preparation How often do you exhibit at trade shows? Like anything, the more you do it, the better you are at it. However, if some companies only exhibit a few times a year, they may not be in practice. As a result, we have had several companies ask us if we would work with the people who will be working the trade show booth and make sure they are comfortable in that environment. We developed a half day session to assist them in engaging attendees as they are walking past their booth, “moving along” the people who stop by for the “giveaways” but have no real interest in your product or service, and a variety of other tips to help them make the show a success. This session can be held in our Mt. Prospect, IL or Cary, NC locations, at your office, or at the show location, allowing us to work with all of the team members in a group and one on one setting.

Long term solution or some short term help, we will be there to assist you. Call us today to discuss how (847-305-3710). It is just another way at Randolph Sterling Inc. where we make your success our business.


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  2. […] Call us today to find out more about it (847-305-3710  or 919-439-338) or check out our recent article on this great new […]

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