Comments Please: Soliciting Feedback through a Third Party Service

When soliciting feedback, there’s a few ways to do it. You can ask people directly. You can make a post on your blog. You can email them directly. Or you can use a survey service such as the one offered through Constant Contact.

When we did our survey, we went with the latter of these options for a few reasons.

  1. Doing a survey through a third party service looks more professional than sending a series of question in the body of an email or as a Word attachment.
  2. If you make a post on your blog asking for comments, you would have little idea of who sees it or when. The same is true for just sending a list of questions via email. With a good third party survey service you can find out exactly who received it, opened it, and at what time.
  3. Also with blogs, not everyone feels comfortable posting a comment on a blog, or even feels compelled to do so.
  4. You do not have to devote hours to thinking of and writing up questions. Instead, you can simply choose and modify questions off of templates. This may sound lazy, but it also saves time, and comes with some reassurance that these questions have been tried and tested before.
  5. You don’t have to spend hours plugging and chugging numbers into Excel or SPSS once the results are in because, if you are using a good service, it will quantify the numbers for you.
  6. There’re no games of phone or email tag. You simply schedule the questionnaire to be sent out, it arrives in its recipients’ inboxes, and they can fill it out and get it back to you with a few clicks of a mouse at their convenience.  If you’re only asking a few close friends, this probably would seem unnecessary, however, if you’re asking well over 200 hundred people like we were, it would probably be difficult to conduct a successful survey without such a program.

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