A Quick Lesson in Social Media from Randolph Sterling’s New Director of Social Media

Recently I was promoted to the position of Randolph Sterling’s Director of Social Media (the inside joke is that I was essentially filling that post for the past eight months, and it just felt about time to make it official).

But anyway, with my new position I do have some additional duties and challenges (such as attempting to help sell the occasional piece of real estate through Zillow). One such additional challenge came unexpectedly this past Wednesday when attending a talk Rich was giving to the Midwest Society of Professional Consultants, and I was asked to join him at the front of the room to summarize our social media strategy in five minutes or less.

For those who missed it, here is a summary of the summary:

Rich, Art, and I generate content for our WordPress blogs. We then link to it via Twitter and Facebook using HootSuite to save time, track statistics, and schedule tweets and status updates in advance. We also use Constant Contact for much the same purpose, however with Constant Contact, rather than indiscriminately tweeting to 30 million people who might happen to find us at just the right time, or giving an update to about ourselves to a few dozen people who know us in real life and already consider us to be a friend or colleague, we are reminding people on a list of about 200, who know us, but are not quite yet a friend or colleague, about the services we could provide for them if and when they need them. It’s sort of a way of building and nurturing a relationship with their inbox, just as one might try to develop such a relationship with a prospect’s voicemail.

This isn’t all I do of course, and there are definitely more features to Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite, and Constant   Contact that can’t quite be described here or in a five minute spur-of-the-moment presentation, but I feel this does sum up the basics.


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