Mid-February Is Here, and with It Several Upcoming Events

We just sent out our mid-February newsletter, which will either remind you that the pesky groundhog did whatever groundhogs do to say it is going to be six more weeks of winter, or that it is just about Valentine’s Day…a day of love, chocolates, overpriced roses, and Hallmark cards.

Since I have not yet been able to sell my house in Chicago and move to the land of warmer winters, I will focus on this time of love. We truly do love our clients, partners, referral sources, and friends. Without you, we simply would not be here today. Everyday we wake up thinking of ways we can continue to help you and make business better for you. We are continuing to think of new business offerings to help you grow.

This month, we are working on a partnership with a trade show company so we can help their clients get a better return on investments from the trade show experience. We also started our SAM Groups in Raleigh, in partnership with Business Clubs America, and next month I will be speaking at an event hosted by the Midwest Society of Professional Consultants in Chicago as well as be an expert panel member for a roundtable hosted by Hummingbird Creative Services in Raleigh so we can hopefully help more people.

Thank you for being our friend, client, referral source, or business partner. As we celebrate this day of love we just want to say that we love you!


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