Case Study: Following Up on Leads

One of the companies we work with sells new and used machinery. Some of their machines are very small. Others are very large. Their products are used by a variety of customers that range from bakeries to construction companies.

Prior to contacting Randolph Sterling, their used equipment sales were strong, however, there was a concern that they were not following up on leads as effectively as they could, causing them to miss out on new clients. They were doing a great job of bringing in new opportunities through their internet and email fulfillments, however very little, if any, follow up was done by the sales team because the majority of their time was spent working with prospects who sent in purchase orders.

Their marketing consultants brought Randolph Sterling in to assist with their sales efforts. It was decided that Randolph Sterling should concentrate their initial efforts with the extensive list of prospects that, over the last four weeks, had requested a quote but had not made a purchase.

Within the first hour, an opportunity was uncovered that resulted in an $87,000 sale, and the acquisition of 10 mixers their customer was looking to sell.  Our client won both ways.  They were able to complete a nice sale and found some used machinery to refurbish.

Randolph Sterling continues to work with this company, assisting them in finding numerous sales opportunities. Randolph Sterling is currently helping them, not only by calling for used equipment, but by helping start a sales program for new equipment as well.


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