Randolph Sterling, Inc. Celebrates 6 Months of Social Media!

Six months ago Randolph Sterling did not have a newsletter or a Facebook page or a blog or even a Twitter account. The president of Randolph Sterling, Rich Burghgraef, thought that there might be potential in such things, but was reluctant to get involved in any of them.  Around that time he hired me as a social media intern, and the job essentially entailed a mix of research, consulting, and content management.

Our goals with this endeavor were and are to:

  1. Inexpensively inform people about Randolph Sterling and its services.
  2. Socialize and network online with current, former, and future clients and partners.
  3. Bring in new business from new clients, as well as new business from former and present clients.
  4. Potentially offer social media services to clients in the future.

After doing a considerable amount of research online, reading blogs posts from everyone from Pete Cashmore and the people at Mashable to Rich’s friend and colleague Gini Dietrich at Arment Dietrich PR, I felt I had a pretty good strategy to try to implement: get Rich to star blogging, put the content on WordPress, then link to it from Twitter as a way to get it out to the general public, and later from LinkedIn and Yahoo Answers as a way to target specific people looking for answers to questions we already answered on the blogs and could answer in more detail if they were to hire us. However, as it turned out, the people on LinkedIn seemed more concerned about selling their products and services to our business than purchasing our services for theirs (I wonder if they feel the same way about us?), while the people on Yahoo Answers seemed generally unconcerned with the questions we had answers to.

So, it was back to the drawing board. And luckily around this time Rich asked me to look into something called Constant Contact, a service that would allow us to send newsletters to people we’ve met or collected cards from over the years, and track the success of these newsletters in terms of who opened what and clicked on which links. And, lo and behold, we started seeing some success with our social media efforts. The newsletter not only proved to be a good way to stay in touch with people, but it brought us some new business and generated some new leads. And, we hope our social media efforts prove even more successful in the New Year.

For 2010 we plan to not only continue tweeting, blogging, friending people on Facebook, and sending out our newsletter, but we plan to try a few new things as well. Right now we are rebuilding our website. Soon, you can expect to see some videos of us. We also plan to begin using surveys to help us better serve you. And, we are looking into tools such as PRWeb and Google AdWords.

2010 is going to be an exciting year for us, and we are glad you can join us for it.


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