Christmas is finally over. The shopping can stop. The relatives have gone home. We can go back to having a normal diet, not one filled with large meals where we eat and eat. But, before we start that post holiday diet and exercise program, we have one more 24 hour period of indulgence. Yes, it is New Years.

It may be just me, but people don’t seem to be as excited about welcoming in the new year as we used to be. Through the years we used to get dressed up and hit the town, staying out until early morning. If not that, then you went to your favorite local tavern to be with friends. One year I went to a tennis party on New Years. We played tennis until midnight and then celebrated. In other years we went to house parties, where we got to make fools of ourselves in front of our friends and neighbors. Maybe it is still being done, and I am just too old to be part of it. It’s past me by and I haven’t even realized it. My friends are my age and some of them have trouble staying up until 10:00 P.M. let alone midnight. I could be wrong on this. Am I?

To some, New Years just means a day or two off from work. Not to me of course, because I love my job and would do it for free (but don’t repeat that to Rich). New Years is a good excuse to watch football all day without too many complaints. I mean, it’s New Years day for crying out loud. Tradition….

Yet, for a lot of people, it signifies a new start. If we had a bad year, we put it behind us.  If it was a good year, we hope for a better one. It is a time for optimism, positive attitudes and good intentions.

The same is true with business. If 2009 was a good year, the thought is let’s keep it going.  If it wasn’t a stellar year, the mindset might be more that the year is finally over. We made it through and we are still in business. We know 2010 will be a lot better.

The new year brings new goals, new expectations and new budgets. Companies have their kickoffs for the “latest and greatest” marketing campaign. New products are introduced. Old products are reintroduced with a little twist to them. Everyone is optimistic about the coming year. And, we should be.  This is the time to be excited about whatever we do. See your customers or clients with enthusiasm and positive attitudes.  That is what we can control as an individual. I hope you are ready for the challenges that 2010 will bring. They will be there. That, we know for sure. Randolph Sterling is here to assist you with your efforts to be successful.

We hope everyone has had a great holiday season and that 2010 is a wonderful year for all of us, both business and personally.

Happy New Year !!!!


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