Holidays With Art: A Merry Mood and a Merry Christmas

It’s the holiday season and we are busier than ever.  Gifts to buy and company to prepare for consume our waking hours.  Despite this, have you ever noticed that people seem to be just a little bit nicer to each other around this time of year?   You wonder with everything going on, why?

I don’t know exactly why people are in a better mood, but I am guessing there are a few reasons for this.  We have some days off from work.  And, when we are there, it may be that not as much production is expected.  How about all of the food and drink that we consume?  What is sweet about this is that we can eat what we want without the guilt that is associated with stuffing ourselves with sweets and candy.  Heck, I will be starting my diet after the 1st, so I might as well enjoy myself now.  I can spend the next eleven months worrying about my weight.

How about the relatives that are coming in for a visit?  That can put you in a good mood.  Or not.  Everyone sitting around trying to outtalk each other, cousins fighting over toys and in-laws talking about just their side of the family, boring everyone else just makes for a perfect day.  I normally make some Irish Cream for Xmas, and my kids have requested a double batch to tolerate all of the relatives they will be seeing this year.

With all of those people over for the big Christmas dinner, you plan for that special meal where everyone can share in the feast.  However, you have to know who is allergic to what and who doesn’t eat which vegetables.  You’re trying to cook and be a host at the same time.  There are plenty of “helpers” in the kitchen, but most of them are standing there talking, drinking your wine and getting in the way.  Weeks of planning and hours of preparation, all for the fifteen minutes it takes everyone to bow their heads over their plate and not come up until everything is eaten.   Instead of comments such as “the turkey seems a little dry this year” or “are these or aren’t fresh vegetables?” a nice thank you from anyone would be appreciated.

The dinner is over and while you are still picking up, guests are dozing off, playing with some Xmas games or having more wine.  Fatigue is starting to set in on this marathon of a day.  Finally, it is time for your guests to leave.  With a long sigh, you say your final goodbye.  One question you should ask yourself is “Are you happier to see the guests come or when they leave”?

And what do some of us do the next day?  Bright and early we are at the store looking for bargains so we can start planning to do this all over again next Christmas.

I am no different.  I love having Christmas dinner.  My kids are all in town.  My Mother has flown in as well.  Sometimes a friend or two will join us.  Sitting around the table with your loved ones helps you realize how lucky you are in life.  And, in our saner moments, we also know that it is not the food that makes the dinner so special.  It is that time of year.

May all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas!!!


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