First the North Carolina Office: What’s Next? Randolph Sterling Inc. Welcomes a New Account Executive to the Team

As a small business owner, many decisions that larger companies make with ease are met with a great deal of consideration at our level.  Hiring new people has always been a challenge for me. Some will say it is because I may be a bit more controlling than I give myself credit for, but I think it has to do more with wanting to make sure that our clients continue to receive the greatest service possible from us. If you want to grow, however, you have to take some calculated risks.

I want to welcome Art Crowley to the Randolph Sterling, Inc. family, and yes, I do consider us a family which is why bringing in new people is always such a challenge for me. When I first started Randolph Sterling, Inc. almost seven years ago, I figured hiring people would be easy. In fact, the original business plan had us building a franchise of sales management and coaching establishments across the world where we could take our style of needs based coaching and sales process development to as many companies as possible. We were going to single handedly change the way salespeople sell. While that is still a possibility, along the way my concern that our internal systems could be watered down by working with franchise owners that were more concerned with making money than with helping clients led me to hold off on that plan. I made a conscious decision to grow more slowly and what I considered better for everyone.

As part of that intentional slow growth, I have remained the external face of Randolph Sterling, Inc. handling most of the sales for the company and developing many of our systems internally around a certain type of salesperson. Growth and the addition of our inside sales service allowed me the opportunity to bring on new members of the inside sales team who shared my vision. The result of this was that the inside sales team has done such a wonderful job that not only do they produce great work for our clients, but they have also been a great help in bringing us new clients. I started to be less of the sales face of Randolph Sterling, Inc. and was becoming more the CEO, spending more time, as they say, working “on” the business rather than “in” the business.

With our expansion to North Carolina and my weekly travels to both offices, it became increasingly more evident that we needed to bring on a new person to help in a sales role. I was spreading myself thinly. And, while the inside sales team is doing a wonderful job uncovering opportunities, somebody still needs to get out and meet with prospects. Around this same time, I received an email from my good friend Eric Malm, who was forwarded Art’s resume from a friend of his. He figured that in my position in working with a lot of sales teams, maybe I knew of a company that might need a good, experienced salesperson.

This could not have come at a better time and I don’t think we could have found a better hire than Art. Art has the perfect mix of sales and sales management background in him to allow him not only to be able to best understand client needs and solutions based on our areas of expertise, but also to step in and provide the sales management roles for certain clients when it is needed. While his sales style is not 100% the same as mine, he really knows his stuff and best of all, his sales philosophy fit with our company culture, making him the right man for the job.

Yes, I will still be commuting back and forth between the Chicago office and the Raleigh office for the time being—in fact, as I write this I am on the plane heading back to Chicago to spend some time out in the field with Art—but it is nice to know that with Art growing the business in Chicago, we are in good hands and poised for some tremendous growth for the rest of 2009 and beyond.

I have asked Art to write a blog about his first 30 days at Randolph Sterling, Inc, so keep your eyes out for that. I’m sure he will give you some additional insights about how we do things around here and you will get an opportunity to know him a little. He is working hard knocking on doors and developing relationships, but I know he, like me, appreciates a strong referral.

Welcome Art!


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