Everyone Is in Sales

Everyone Is in Sales.

Think about it.

From the first time you tried to sell your teacher on the fact that the dog ate your homework, or tried to sell your parents that you didn’t have room for vegetables but you do have room for dessert, you’ve been selling.

Many small or mid sized business people don’t realize that they sell every day. They will tell you “I’m a plumber”, “I’m an accountant”, “I’m an attorney”, or “I own a staffing firm,” but rarely will they say “I’m in sales.”

We at Randolph Sterling help you achieve success by learning how you do business and developing customized plans to improve your sales efforts in:

  •  Developing New Business
  • Setting Goals 
  • Finding Your “Business Development Style”
  • Identifying Target Customers
  • Developing and Growing Relationships
  • Uncovering Needs
  • Overcoming Objections 
  • Closing Sales Effectively

2 Responses

  1. I think selling yourself is everything. Even when you have a good idea, you might not be able to sell it, if you cannot sell yourself, because people will think that your level of enthusiasm and excitement is equal to whatever you are selling, goods, services, etc. 70% of the economy is consumerism, and we cannot put everything on the shelf in your neighborhood store for you to purchase – a lot of it has to be done through person-to-person sales.

    • I could not agree more. It seems that we are trying so hard these days to find ways for people to find us that we have forgotten that it is up to us to develop that relationship, build trust, and close that deal with the person we know, like and trust.

      When I just started out, my dad used to tell me, “if someone buys from you because you took them out for a $50 lunch, they will buy from someone else when they take them out for a $100 dinner. There is no substitute for being yourself and developing a strong, honest raport with your clients and prospects.”

      I’ve never forgotten that.

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