What Is Outsourced Sales and Lead Generation?

Prospects and customers are more knowledgeable. They are being asked to do more with fewer resources. Even with voicemail, e-mail, regular mail, cell phones, pagers, and an endless array of social media pages, they are more difficult to reach.

 You, on the other hand, are being asked to sell more than you did last year, with the same or less resources at your disposal.

Randolph Sterling’s outsourced selling and lead generation solutions assist companies to develop relationships with additional prospects to result in additional business growth. 

We work with our clients to increase their customer base by contacting prospects to develop relationships with and to begin the pre-qualifying process as part of an overall marketing plan.  

Randolph Sterling develops talking points as well as prospect lists (if you don’t have your own) in order to properly assist in the selling of the services of our clients to their target market.

Our goal is to be part of the client nurturing process, providing inside sales support and scheduling meetings between our clients and qualified prospects, so their team can continue to cultivate the relationship we began to develop and close the sale.

Our sales solutions work best as part of your overall marketing and sales program. Our professional salespeople will assist in developing a plan to use current marketing (postcards, emails, website, social media, informational packets, etc.) in conjunction with our efforts to achieve the greatest results. 

Research has shown that the average “cold” prospect has to see or hear your name 7 to 13 times before feeling comfortable enough to even consider working with a new vendor/partner. By getting your name out to them more often in addition to our direct efforts, as well as the efforts of your current sales force, which divides its time between looking for new business and keeping current clients happy, stronger relationships develop.

Randolph Sterling will provide a weekly written report of all contacts made during the prior week and the results of those contacts. This report will be sent on the Monday of the week after calls were made. The format will be an Excel spreadsheet, which can be easily downloaded into a variety of contact management databases. Randolph Sterling will also notify you immediately via email and phone when a confirmed appointment is established.


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