Answers to Common Questions About Randolph Sterling

1) What can Randolph Sterling show a good salesperson that they are not already doing? Sales is an art which needs to be constantly honed and practiced. The best in the business are always looking for ways to get that competitive edge and to look for that new technique to add to their arsenal.

2) I’ve been successful in sales, but lately, the economy has really hurt my business. How will Randolph Sterling help me? Economic changes have an effect on all sales business, but it doesn’t have to be a determining factor to your sales success. We will develop a plan to help each member in your sales force get the most out of their abilities in the best and most trying economic times.

3) I own my own business, but never have been a “people person.” Can Randolph Sterling help me to be successful in sales?  We will show you some basic techniques that will help anybody be more comfortable in a selling situation, but we will also give you individual consulting help to dig deeper into your strengths and weaknesses. By accentuating your strengths and eliminating some weaknesses, we will help your sales and profits to grow. 

4) Randolph Sterling is currently providing individual consulting for my company, can I also go to a Success Seminar? Current customers are always welcome at any of our seminars, usually at a discounted rate.

5) What is the difference between individual company consulting and the Success Seminars? When your company contracts with Randolph Sterling for one of our consulting programs, we will tailor that consulting to what is important to the individuals in the sales force. We will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each member and offer them individual information that will help them to increase sales, better understand customer needs, win sales awards and receive larger commission checks. At a Success Seminar, we may have several different sales professionals from many different companies. We will explain different techniques that you can use right away to see immediate results, but the information is a little more general in nature.            

6) Can I hire Randolph Sterling to put together an individual consulting program for myself, or do I need to have my company purchase it?  We generally work with companies, but many individuals have hired us to run individual programs for them. Many of our corporate contracts started out by us working with one individual or an individual attending one of our success seminars.                                       

 7) How much do your programs and seminars cost? Due to the individuality of our offerings, both in content and in length, we ask that you contact us directly to put together a specialized plan for you. Call us today at (847) 676-1050 or email us at         

 8) Why did Randolph Sterling start Employment Preparation programs? The economy is tough right now, and we wanted to help. There are many good employees out there who are either out of work, or have just finished school or a tour of duty in the military, and are having a tough time finding good career opportunities. We want to help them by showing techniques that will help you take control of your career search and find the opportunity that is right for you.


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